ICEBERG Conceptual Model

ICEBERG Conceptual Model

This presentation provides practical ways to look at and think about the care of acutely ill older adults. These models were developed by the following CNSs – Marcia Carr (ICEBERG), Valerie Macdonald (MAC); Sandra Whytock (Geriatric Giants’ Vicious Circles)


  • To provide a visual and contextual picture by which the ER staff can assure holistic, proactive assessment and care approach for older adults.
  • To introduce the ACGNN Geriatric Giants Quick Reference.
  • To raise awareness of need to recognize and refer chronic diseases to appropriate services

Content Overview

  • The ICEBERG provides the conceptual framework by which all screening and assessment of older adults encompasses.
  • The FUNCTIONAL model approach addresses the cardinal indicator in older adults for regaining PTA health status.
  • The MAC model provides a proactive way to prevent Geri Giants through anticipatory assessment and management planning.
  • Brief overview of CDM model and how it works
    need for all components of the HC system to be working together in the assessment and management of CD


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