Geriatric Emergency Network Initiative – Video Webinar Series

GENI video series, geriatric emergency nurse initiative

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These video webinars were taken in 2008. “It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Geriatric Emergency Network Initiative Program (GENI), sponsored by the BC Ministry of Health, Nursing Directorate. I’m sure you will find the session both enlightening and thought provoking.

Aging as we know is an unavoidable part of life, but it doesn’t have to be fraught with difficulties! You, as health professionals can play a huge role in assisting seniors in maintaining independence, preventing injuries and illness, and dealing with chronic conditions. Since our elderly population is growing rapidly, we need to ensure that all staff have the knowledge and skills specific to working with this specialized population, and the GENI program aims to do just that. Not only will integrating this information be critical to maintaining excellent standards of emergency care, it will also lead us further along our path to a truly “geriatric-friendly” environment for our patients and families.

Geriatric Emergency Network Initiative (GENI) is an education workshop to improve the care of acutely ill older adults in emergency departments (ED). Marcia Carr, presenter in the following videos, is a clinical nurse specialist in acute geriatrics, geropsychiatry and nurse continence advisor at Burnaby Hospital, Fraser Health Authority, who has been leading GENI and the Acute Care Geriatric Nurse Network (ACGNN), Clinical Nurse Specialists’ Collaborative, and the GENI faculty.”

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