1. What is a lap buddy?
    • someone to sit on your knee
    • someone to run around the track with
    • a positioning cushion used with our wheelchairs
  2. What are footrests?
    • something to fill the bathtubs with
    • something that collects dust underneath the beds
    • an essential component of safe wheelchair seating
  3. What is a wheelchair tag?
    • essential for all air travel
    • a game
    • to identify that the wheelchair has been designated to a specific patient
  4. What are the wheelchair brakes for?
    • tea time for wheelchairs
    • to keep Bill from Physical Plant employed
    • essential for client safety when sitting in a wheelchair (especially during transfers)
  5. What is an apple board?
    • despondent apples
    • executive fruit committee
    • wooden insert to provide additional support for underneath the wheelchair cushion

Here’s the answers:

  1. A wheelchair is an essential component of seating for our patients.
  2. The person should be safe and comfortable if they are to be able to sit up for any length of time in a wheelchair.  – Brakes should be working and all wheelchairs should have footrests.
  3. If you find footrests lying around, hiding under beds please return them to the shelves in the back rooms between the wards.
  4. If you do find a wheelchair in need of repair, please let Physical Plant know.