means improved care for acutely ill older adults

We are British Columbia’s Clinical Nurse Specialists in Geriatrics, Gerontology, Geropsychiatry, Geriatric Rehabilitation and Nurse Continence. Providing nurses with tools for 360° vision while proactively assessing and caring for older adults in BC.

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Esther’s Story - Why We Formed ACGNN

A Story of a Health System Failure and Hope for the Future. Esther’s story is what inspired us to create the ACGNN, and improve care for elderly everywhere.

Clinical Practice Guidelines

Read our Clinical Practice Guidelines for various health concerns in older adults, including dementia, depression and others.
geriatrics, gerontology, geropsychiatry, geriatric rehabilitation

Online Courses

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Free online courses for improving your knowledge in geriatric clinical practice, including courses on delirium, falls, incontinence, psychosis, medication issues, wandering and elopement, and GENI (Geriatric Emergency Network Initiative).

Look Through Our Training Materials

Since 2004, the ACGNN and GENI have been putting minds and materials together to help positively shape the care of older adults in BC. We have a Quick Reference Binder (available on memory stick), Downloadable Presentations, Online Courses, pages of Resources+Links, and Clinical Practice Guidelines to help expand your knowledge. Wanting to know more? Ask an ACGNN or GENI expert. We are all volunteers and passionate about helping you learn more.

Ask an ACGNN/GENI Expert