You may have heard of the ROHO or JAY pressure relieving cushions for use in wheelchairs.

Now there is a new cushion on the market called the Future Mobility SUPREME.

Body Interface pressure point and subjective comfort testing was carried out comparing the Supreme with the Roho, Ultimate, J2 Deep Contour and the Infinity with visco foam.

Testing was completed on February 20th 2002 and test measurements were conducted using a FSA pressure measurement system (Vista Med, Winnipeg, Canada).

Each subject was measured with the FSA for pressure on 5 cushions. The cushion identification was screened from the subject vision. Each client sat for a total of 2 minutes on each cushion to allow for accommodation of the properties to client size and pressure. Each subject was asked to rate the cushions on a scale of 1-10 for comfort.

Test Procedure: All pressure measurements were conducted using the same pressure measuring equipment (FSA). The same calibration was used in each test and the testing was completed by the same investigator. Each subject was asked the same questions for rating comfort after the 2 minutes passed, to allow the subject to acclimate to the cushion. All subjects were cognitively intact.

The Supreme is a contoured visco foam cushion designed for comfort and pressure management.  The foam is layers of varying density to form the shape, with low memory foam on the top.

The test data shows that the SUPREME tested the best comparatively for the lowest scores in peak pressures, average pressures, left and right ischial pressures.  It was also rated the highest for comfort.