Gerontology Organizations

American Geriatrics Society  – This excellent resource includes a clinical practice guidelines section and public education section with large print one-page handouts on a variety of topics. It is also the place to order the handbook, Geriatrics at Your Fingertips.

Canadian Association on Gerontology – Canada’s premier multidisciplinary association for aging research

Canadian Association of Gastroenterologists – Great site for information on gastroenterology.

Canadian Coalition for Senior’s Mental Health – Excellent resource for professionals and caregivers on a variety of mental health issues.

Canadian Geriatric Society

UBC Department of Family Practice

Institute for Patient and Family-Centered Care – US based organization that promotes the involvement of families in health care organizations. Downloadable profiles and references available; resources available for purchase.

LPN Cafe – An on-line website for practical nurses to share and learn.

American Nurses Foundation

Gero Nurse Online – Official Website of the American Nurses Association’s Nurse Competence in Aging initiative